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Zhenjiang SL Electronic Technology Co Ltd was founded in 2013 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan is located in the beautiful historical and cultural city of Zhenjiang city the company is headquartered in China small and Medium sized enterprise information industry Park a number of RESEARCH and development and production bases are located in Zhenjiang Nanjing and other places Company is a leading Chinese Internet portable and medical equipment trade and a body comprehensive enterprise main products and services cover portable medical equipment special background and the APP the database construction database management and application and with Tsinghua university Shanghai yan chai...

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COVID-19 Products

Immunology Products

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Hematology Analyzer

Coagulation Analyzer

Urine Analyzer(Tumor Early Screening)

POCT Analyzer

Life Support And Others

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NylonHbA1C AnalyzerUSB ConnectionMulti-fonctionNasal Swab KitIGG Rapid Testno preservativePP Medical SwabNasal Nose SwabCN VTM Shipmentinactive mediumOral Swabs Kitssynchronization10ml Viral TubeDisposable Swabhigh speed testAssay CTnI Gold50T Reagent PCRHIV Saliva TestDirectly To PCRRapid Test KitsMrsa Nasal SwabRNA Reagent PCROral Nasal SwabVirus CollectorOne step to PCRMouth Swab TestHemoglobin Meterantigen AnalyzerProtein Analyzerantibody IGG/IGMOral Throat SwabRapid DiagnosticPCR Testing KitsVirus Rapid TestMedium With SwabSample Tube SwabWith Swab MediumD Dimer Test KitKit Flocked SwabDNA Genetic TestIclean Hcy SwabsWith CE ApprovalHormone Test DnaCE ISO CertifiedNucleic Acid PCRPt Aptt AnalyzerCovid-19 Test AgSpike Protein Ag10-in-1 sampling10ml and 5ml VTMVTM UTM Swab KitCombined DNA RNAVTM Sampling TubeRelease Real TimeNucleic Acid TestOEM Sampling TubeSampling Tube KitPOCT Immuno AssayCardiac ColloidalCov Sampling TubeRapid Test DeviceSampling Swab KitNasal Throat SwabSample Tube SwabsThroat Nasal SwabVTM UTM Oral SwabPortable HB MeterVirus Testing KitCOV 19 Rapid Testwith Lithium SaltSwabs with MediumWith Flocked SwabClinical Analyzer10ml Sampling TubeElisa Plate WasherMedical Nasal SwabNylon Flocked SwabCardiac CKMB AssayNasal Swab for FluSterile Nasal SwabAntigen Rapid TestChemistry AnalyzerNasal Swab CultureVirus Testing SwabSGS Tube with SwabElisa Plate ReaderChemistry Analyservirus flocked swabSampling Tube KitsColloidal AnalyzerHematology MachineSARS-CoV-2 NucleicRapid Test AntigenMyoglobin Test KitOral Swab Pcr TestTest lysis processIGG IGM Rapid TestPoint of Care TestUTM VTM Nasal SwabSars-CoV-2 AntigenBlood Cell CounterCollodial analyzerLarge touch screenPCR Rapid Test KitSample Release KitViral Throat SwabsSwab Drug Test KitSwabs ISO13485 FDASimulate limb leadViral Sampling TubeVtm Tube with Swabsspecimen collectionCTnI Colloidal GoldWondfo Fia AnalyzerHematology AnalyserRapid Test Antibody3ml Viral TransportKidney Disease TestVirus Sampling TubePOCT Rapid Analyzer50T Release ReagentHematology Reagentsphotometer AnalyzerHbA1C POCT AnalyzerHbA1c Analyzer KitsImmunology AnalyzerPOCT HbA1C AnalyserBest Hba1c AnalyzerColloidal NT-proBNPbackground servicesHematology AnalyzerImmuno Elisa WasherNasopharyngeal SwabElectrolyte MachineRapid Detection KitUTM VTM 1ml 2ml 3mlTroponin I Test KitSterile FDA CE SwabRNA Extraction KitsVirus Flocking SwabSample ConservationHCY Huachenyang VTMImmuno Elisa ReaderSwab Test for CovidImmunology ProductsCE0123 and ISO13485Vtm Collection TubeWondfo FIA FinecareSwab NasopharyngealGetein FIA AnalyzerIcleanhcy Saliva KitIchroma Boditech FIAViral Transport TubeCE Approved SamplingThroat Flocked SwabsMedical Flocked SwabFinecare Immno Assay5-in-1 Sampling TubeSterile Flocked SwabVirus Collection Kit3ml Storage SolutionNon-Inactive Utm VtmDisposable Tube KitsLaboratory Rapid PCRPoct Creatinine TestCoagulation AnalyzerHealth Care AnalyzerCoagulation AnalyserElisa Reader MachineRapid Blood HIV TestVirus 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Depth MonitorAuto Hematology AnalyzerCombo Test of Troponin ISpecimen Collection SwabAutomated Urine Analyzerelectrostatic protectionSARS COV-2 POCT AnalyzerProtein Analyzer MachineFluorescence ImmunoassaySaliva Sample CollectionSingle-Use Sampling SwabUrine Chemistry AnalyzerPOCT Immunology Analyzer10ml Virus Sampling TubeViral Sampling Tube KitsPCR Purification ReagentSwab with Transport TubeElisa Micro-plate ReaderSARS-CoV-2 Magnetic BeadDisposable Sampling TubeThyroid Hormone AnalyzerAutomated HbA1C AnalyzerSpecimen Collection TubeRNA DNA Preservation KitMedical Equipment SupplyElisa Micro-plate WasherSample Release TransportWondfo Finecare Gp GeteinSpecific Protein AnalyzerCost Effective PhotometerD Dimer Kit for DiagnosisPOC Boronate Affinity A1cGlycated Hemoglobin HbA1cVirus Specimen CollectionImmunology Elisa AnalyzerSARS-CoV-2 Sample ReleaseBuccal Nylon Flocked SwabViral Specimen CollectionMagnetic Beads ExtractionPoct Immunoassay AnalyzerSwab (inactivated medium)Disposable Tube With SwabABS Medical Supplies SwabNasopharyngeal Virus SwabColloidal Gold Virus TestSpecimen Collection SwabsSaliva Preservatives TubeCoronavirus Antibody TestHematology Analyzer PriceDisposable Virus SamplingVirus Transport Medium BdProcalcitonin PCT Test Kit3 Part Hematology AnalyzerSampling Collection MediumBlood Cell Counter Machine3ml Viral Transport Medium5 Part Hematology AnalyzerViral-Transport Medium KitRayto Coagulation AnalyzerNucleic Acid Detection KitCOV 19 Virus Sampling SwabGold Immunoassasy AnalyzerVirus Testing Flocked SwabAntigen Extraction ReagentBlood Coagulation AnalyzerLaboratory Release ReagentVirus Transport Medium CdcVirus Transport Medium KitNuclic Acid Extraction KitMindray Cell Counter PriceHospital Clinical AnalyzerClinical Chemical Analyzer10-in-1 VTM Virus Samplingmedical records managementQuality Virus Sampling KitVtm Viral Transport MediumWondfo Coagulation AnalyzerMedica Electrolyte AnalyzerOropharyngeal Flocked SwabsActive electrical equipmentSample Preservation ReagentNasopharyngeal Flocked SwabClinical Chemistry AnalyserViral Transport Medium SwabUTM VTM Delivery Medium KitHPLC Diabetic Glucose CheckSterile Nasopharyngeal SwabNylon Fibers Plastic HandleCombined Extraction ReagentIn-vitro Diagnostic ReagentVirus Sampling Tube Near MeClinical Chemistry AnalyzerData Comprehensive AnalysisNucleic Acid Extraction KitNylon Flocked Dna PaternityPOC Boronate Affinity HbA1cCardiac Troponin I Test KitVirus Transportation MediumMolecular Microbiology TestNasopharyngeal and Oral SwabVirus Transport Medium PriceDisposable Sample CollectionIclean Saliva Collection KitTransasia Cell Counter PriceAmies Transport Medium VirusSemi Auto Chemistry AnalyzerInactivated Transport MediumSampling Collection Swab KitVirus Sampling Tube And SwabHematology Analyzer ReagentsSampling Transportation TubeAutomatic HVR trend analysisFluorescence Immuno AnalyzerSterilized Vtm Sampling SwabAcute Heart Failure Test KitAutomated Hematology AnalyzerProfessional medical servicesPatients with chest tightnessColloidal Gold Rapid Test KitPortable Coagulation AnalyzerAutomatic Hematology AnalyzerPortable Immunoassay AnalyzerFIA Colloidal Golden Analyzer3ml Inactivated Sampling TubeA medical institution or homeTransport Vtm Utm Medium TubeAdenovirus Colloidal AnalyzerSterile Flocked Test SamplingMicrobiological Sampling SwabPortable Electrolyte AnalyzerRNA DNA Preservation SolutionIgG/IgM Ab Antibody Rapid TestSwab Break Point 30mm and 80mmVirus or Bacteria Test ReagentAutomatic Coagulation AnalyzerTroponin I Test Kit Rapid TestNasopharyngeal Collection SwabAutomatic RR interval analysisAntibody Rapid Diagnostic TestImmune Colloidal Gold AnalyzerColloidal Immunoassay AnalyzerData one-to-one correspondenceCoronary Heart Disease MonitorViral Transport Medium AccuracyImmunoassay Veterinary AnalyzerVTM Viral Transport Medium TubeLow Cost Virus Transport MediumCIA FIA Quantitative Rapid TestVeterinary Coagulation AnalyzerAcute Myocardial Infarction AMIChemiluminescence Gold AnalyzerClinical Virus Transport MediumMyocardial Loss and MyocarditisMindray Dirui Chemistry AnalyzerNon-Inactivated Transport MediumDYMIND BC-3000 BC2800 HematologyDifferential Diagnosis of SepsisParathyroid Hormone PTH Test KitDisposble Virus Transport MediumCardiovascular Disease DetectionFluorescence Immunoassay AnalyzerCreatine Kinase Isoenzyme MB CKMBSaliva VTM Virus Transport MediumIntegrated DNA and Rna ExtractionWestern medicine physician visitsSemi Automated Chemistry AnalyzerImmunology Chromatography Test KitUtm Universal Transport Tube MediaNasal Nose Collection Flocked SwabViral Sampling Test Kits with SwabCOV 19 Virus Sampling Flocked SwabSpecimen Collection Swab with TubeFully Automated Chemistry AnalyzerImmunology Chromatography AnalyzerVirus Transport Medium CompositionSterile Nasopharyngeal Flocked SwabHPLC Golden Standard Diabetic CheckInflammation and Infection Test KitPalpitation and shortness of breathVirus Transport Medium for Covid 19Cov 19 Virus Sample Collection KitsDisposable Specimen Collection SwabsVtm -Disposable Virus Delivery MediaProfessional physician interpretationMagnetic Bead Based DNA/Rna IsolationPhysical Examination Hormone Test KitClinical Diagnostic Analyzer And KitsHeart Cardiovascular Diseases Test KitPoint of Care Test Immunology AnalyzerIgG/IgM Ag Antibody Antigen Rapid TestC-reactive Protein Hs-CRP Test ReagentVirus Sampling Tube Nasopharyngeal Swab5 Part Differential Hematology Analyzer3 Part Differential Hematology AnalyzerMassive Virus Screening Medical CheckupCovid 19 Testing Saliva Collection TubeInactive UTM Universal Transport MediumNasopharyngeal Collection Nylon FlockedEarly Diagnosis of Myocardial InfarctionNon-inactive Virus Transportation MediumCaretium Cornley Audicom Electrolyte ISEAcute Myocardial Infarction AMI Test KitDiamond Roche Fully Auto ERBA ElectrolyteSterile Nasopharyngeal Throat Flocked SwabDisposable Virus Sampling Collection TubesSemi Automated Clinical Chemistry AnalyzerFully Automated Clinical Chemistry AnalyzerClinical Diagnosis of Myocardial InfarctionInfection Inflammation Disease Test ReagentHypoparathyroidism Hyperparathyroidism TestDisseminated Intravascular Coagulation Test KitRespiratory Diagnosis Nasal Throat Flocked SwabNasopharyngeal Sterile Nylon Flocked Nasal Swab
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